RoboPol Commissioning

Team members with the newly commissioned RoboPol instrument at the Skinakas 1.3m telescope

Crete, May-June 2013

RoboPol installation and commissioning was successfully completed in May and June 2013. RoboPol first light was on May 16 2013. A single-epoch survey of candidate sources for the RoboPol monitoring sample was taken during the month of June, and the results will soon appear in press (see publications). 


U. Crete/FORTH: D. Blinov, G. Kougentakis, N. Kylafis, E. Paleologou, G. Panopoulou, I. Papadakis, I. Papamastorakis, G. Paterakis, V. Pavlidou, P. Reig, A. Steiakaki, K. Tassis

MPIfR: E. Angelakis, I. Myserlis

First RoboPol meeting

First RoboPol meeting took place in the Caltech on January 29 - February 1. Some presentations from the meeting can be downladed here. T. Hovata: OVRO 40m monitoring program E. Angelakis: F-GAMMA overview A.